You've seen the logo, but what does it really mean to you

and the sale of your own home?

It could mean the difference between being for sale... and SOLD.

By participating in H.E.L.P. I am assisting you with:

-Relieve stress brought on by waiting for Buyer’s inspection results

-Netting thousands of dollars more by obtaining a Buyer who knows your home is safe & ready to occupy

-Keeping money in your pocket while I compensate for the extras today’s Buyers want, like a Home Warranty

-Finding a ready, willing & able Buyer more quickly

-Marketing your property to it’s fullest extent by having it:

Inspected, Corrected, & Protected

What is 'Inspected, Corrected, & Protected?

Inspected—Your property will be inspected by a professional accredited Home Inspection company. These companies

issue a detailed report highlighting deficiencies such as:

Major Concerns- fire, health and safety hazards;

Needs Attention- functions but needs fine-tuning;

Maintenance- tips to keep the property in good condition.

Corrected—Needed repairs and other defects are then corrected by professionals of your choice whose workmanship

can be warranted.

Protected—The seller is now protected from any issues undisclosed in the disclosure form, nit-pick negotiations, and surprises.

The seller may also want to purchase “Home Buyers Protection”

in the form of a Home Warranty. For a minimal service

fee at time of repair, all major systems including heater,

water heater, appliances, etc are covered for a Buyer for 1 year.

Who is eligible for this innovative program?

A seller is eligible to participate in this trend-setting program upon listing with Drew for a mutually agreed upon contract term, commission rate and listing price. Once listed, Drew will

reimburse the seller up to an amount agreed upon toward:

¹ Pre-showing home inspection

² The cost of necessary repairs revealed by the inspection

³ Home Buyers Protection Plan

The remaining portion of the designated amount not used

for pre-showing inspection, repairs and the warranty

can be used to “spruce up” your home!

Documentation of Expenses:

The program is intended to cover expenses for repairs that a Seller is unable, or unwilling to accomplish; only expenses with receipts received for inspections, work done by professionals, and the warranty/protection plan qualify under this program.

Payment of Expenses:

Qualifying expenses will be reimbursed by reducing the commission collected at the time of final closing. Property must be listed with Drew at the time of closing. Examples of expenses include any repairs suggested by the home inspection, professional painting, landscape enhancing (flower beds, but not regular mowing, etc), carpet cleaning, staging services, etc.

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